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Animal Stencils | Stencil Dogs & Paws!

It’s spring, and during times when the sun peeks out between Oregon clouds, my heart begins to sing … and I want to get creative. I am fortunate to enjoy my many pets. I have two dogs, two cats, an assortment of chickens and a lone duck that decided to

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Stenciling Your Way to Happiness & Better Health

Everyone deals with stress. Its harsh distractions can make it difficult to concentrate on the positive moments as well as the important ones. However, studies have found that engaging in creative activities can help! For those of us who may not feel like artists, there is a simple solution that

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How To Make A Rosebud Heart Wreath Keepsake

t can be quite a challenge to find the perfect gift for Mom on Mother’s Day. It’s nice to buy a gift, but why not go the extra mile and give her something special! There is no better way to show Mom how much you care than with handmade gift. Our

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How To Make A Lace Heart Wall Pocket

Show your love for that someone special with this delicate Lace Heart wall pocket. Both easy and fun to make, this is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift or just a special way of letting a loved one know how much you appreciate them! This heart shaped pocket is decorated with

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How To Make A Stenciled Scottie Dog Tote

We love our dogs! And there is nothing better than taking your Scottish Terrier out on the town with his or her own little bag. This handy tote is not only useful, but lots of fun. Did you know that the Scottie was initially one of the five highland breeds of

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How To Make Fruit Stencil Pillow Shams & Pillow Covers

These stenciled pillow covers showcase a modern twist on a traditional design. Here we took two different fruit stencil designs, (a positive stencil as seen with the ‘cherry stencil’ and a negative stencil as seen with the ‘lemon, strawberry, raspberry, and pear stencils’) to show the versatile looks that can be created simply

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Stenciling Basics – Stenciling Best Practices

Steps to First-Class Stenciling It’s All In The Preparation Begin with a clean surface. If you are stenciling on fabric, it is best to prewash and iron flat. Pre-washing the fabric removes any fabric coating. Always follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions. For a project such as floor cloths or items that

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