Many New Stencils Available Today! | Herbs, Carrot, Unicorn, Flowers, etc


We have a bunch of new stencils, fresh from the imagination of our resident artist! Over the coming months, we will be rolling out many stencil designs.

Check out our 4 featured new stencils below, additions to our Kitchen Stencil collection and our Folk Art Stencil collection. There are many more stencils to come. Stay tuned.

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FREE Maple Leaf Stencil (3″x 3″ image) with every order! Only available from June 10th to June 23rd, 2017.

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Folk Art | Big & Fancy!

Check out our new Unicorn Folk Art Stencil. Design measures 10.9″ X 13.6″. This beautiful, emblematic stencil adds a noble and striking air to any room or art project. Here’s what it looks like on a wood panel wall hanging.


Another installment in our new large, stately Folk Art format, our Folk Art Flowers 1 Stencil is a great complementary piece to the Unicorn Folk Art Stencil. Design measures 12.5″ x 9″.  This stencil design captures the beauty of our folk art in a larger, more formalized style.

Kitchen & Garden | Herbs and Vegetables

Our Bay Herb Stencil with bay leaves and berries is a fun stencil to use in your kitchen, pantry, greenhouse, home, and much more! Design measures 3.25″ x 9.3″.  This design includes the word “bay” in a cute font below the image. Be sure to check out our other complementary herb stencils!

Our Carrot 2 Stencil has a lot of character! Design measures 10.3″ x 10″. This design features a trio of carrot friends lounging around, ready to be stenciled onto any number of projects and surfaces. See our Peter Rabbit Stencil Collection for an additional Carrot stencil.

Coming Soon:

More herb stencils, animals, birds, bamboo, flowers, vegetables, leaves, and lots of Rosemaling designs!

Here is our blog post on How To Stencil.

Happy Stenciling!


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