About Us

In the off chance you might wonder what goes on behind the scenes at The Artful Stencil, here we are!

We are two great friends who started with an idea. Our motto is, “Lead with your heart and do your very best”!

We are dedicated to our customers and hope that you all will be happy and successful.

Our little company is very joyful and creative. We love a good laugh. We also research with diligence to search out the very best materials to produce well designed stencils that really work with ease. We have great fun testing each and every stencil.

We believe that miracles happen just about every day. We know that there are no mistakes in life and it was certainly no mistake that we found one another as friends and are now happily working together!

Well, that’s about it for us.

We wish you inspiration and love in your life!

-Kathy and Joni


[email protected]

(541) 221-9937 Kathy (PST)

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