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It’s spring, and during times when the sun peeks out between Oregon clouds, my heart begins to sing … and I want to get creative.

I am fortunate to enjoy my many pets. I have two dogs, two cats, an assortment of chickens and a lone duck that decided to make our place his home. Even so, I cannot get enough of animals. I place bird feeders near windows so that I can enjoy watching active humming birds and the assortment of seed-eating birds. Occasionally an eagle will fly overhead, and it always makes me catch my breath.

So today I thought it would be nice to look through our animals stencils and see which one will find its way on my new spring planter boxes. To honor my two dogs … one a mixed-breed puppy and the other a shepherd … I think I will decorate with them in mind. (Keeping the planters high as my puppy still digs and chews.)


A Happy Group of Dog Stencils

Click on an image to learn more about that individual stencil.

Teacup Chihuahua

This Little Dog fits perfectly in a heart coffee cup. I love the slight smile on its face as if he is looking at his favorite person.


Strutting Poodle

There isn’t a dog on the planet that can strut like a poodle, and this poodle stencil shows that beautiful high energy.

Shepherd Dog

This Shepherd Dog Stencil looks as attentive as my own loyal Shepherd. This dog is all happy and fluff and the perfect dog stencil for many uses.

Spaniel Dog

This Spaniel Dog Stencil reminds me of our favorite house dog, India, a cavalier king charles spaniel. This one is longer in the legs, but is just as regal.

Chihuahua Puppy

This Chihuahua Puppy Stencil reflects the shy and longing heart of the Chihuahua breed. They deserve a fluffy dog pillow stenciled with their likeness.

Dachshund Dog

This Dachshund Dog Stencil is a happy rendition of this fearless friend. That long body and great nose loves to explore nooks and crannies.

Dancing Poodle

This Dancing Poodle Dog Stencil captures the happy spirit of the playful yet stately dog. I love the puff tail and the separate collar.

Toy Poodle

This Toy Poodle Stencil really shows the gentle and pleasant expression of a small poodle breed. This little girl, with two pink bows, is eager to jump into her human’s arms.

Pretty Paws

This Puppy Paws Stencil is a fun way to shower your doggie with appreciation. Perfect for low doggy food tables, doggie area, or running path.

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