How To Make Fruit Stencil Pillow Shams & Pillow Covers


These stenciled pillow covers showcase a modern twist on a traditional design. Here we took two different fruit stencil designs, (a positive stencil as seen with the ‘cherry stencil’ and a negative stencil as seen with the ‘lemon, strawberry, raspberry, and pear stencils’) to show the versatile looks that can be created simply and easily with stencils.

Although hand-sewn pillow covers would add a more homemade flair, we used ready-made pillowcases. If not pre-shrunk, make sure to wash, dry and iron the pillow covers before starting your project. Insert a piece of cardboard inside the pillowcase to give yourself a stable workspace.

Acrylic paint works best for these projects – coordinated to match your decor.

The positive stencil in the Cherry Stencil Design measures  6″ x 5.5″

The negative fruit stencils including the Pear Stencil, Raspberry Stencil, Strawberry Stencil, and Lemon Stencil Designs each measure 6″x 6″.

Additional Uses For Your Fruit Stencils

We wouldn’t be creative if we didn’t take in account this wonderful resource of both positive and negative fruit stencils for other projects. Now that you have your stencils and have made your pillows, and set them on the window seat, sofa or bench … find new ways of decorating with Fruit Stencils.

These stencil tiles measure perfectly for multiple uses to accent your pillow covers including:

  • Kitchen Tiles
  • Plant Pottery
  • Chair or Stools
  • Curtains
  • Wall Stencils
  • Border Stencils
  • and Kitchen Jars and Jugs

Or give a special gift to a friend!

Example of a Positive Stencil


Examples of a Negative Stencil

Share Your Creative Stenciling

We wouldn’t have half the fun or get our creative juices flowing if it wasn’t for you! We love it when you share your projects with us. Please send images of all your work, or drop us a line with new ideas.

We even take on your challenges … like ‘how to spruce up a drab fence, or stucco wall!’

Whenever you stencil, whatever you stencil … share your images, ideas, and creativity!


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