Unicorn Folk Art Stencil

Unicorn Folk Art Stencil


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Unicorn Folk Art Stencil is that perfect touch in your Primitive, Early American, Americana or Colonial home….here it is! Stenciled in a single color or multiple colors, the results are lovely. This single layer stencil measures 10.9″ X 13.6″.

Unicorn Folk Art Stencil. The art form encompasses the expressive culture associated with the fields of folklore and cultural heritage. Tangible Folk Art can include objects which historically are crafted and used within a traditional community.  Intangible Folk Arts can include such forms as music and Art galleries, dance and narrative structures.

This beautiful emblematic Stencil adds a noble and striking air to any room or Art project.

Here’s some important details regarding our Unicorn Folk Art Stencil.

  • 100% Made in the USA since 2005 by our family-owned laser-engraving business.
  • Uniquely artistic designs that always delight and uplift! We’ve Coordinated The Artful Stencil Designs within categories for creative collages and murals.
  • Laser-cut on reusable 10 mil Mylar plastic — safe and durable… perfect for stenciling flat or curved surfaces: walls, clothing, quilt squares, furniture, cakes, or crafts items!
  • Most paints will work well. Apply with stencil brushes, rollers, sprayers, airbrush equipment, sponges, markers…
  • FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING on all USPS domestic 1st Class orders over $75.  (Other shipping options available.)

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Early American, Primitive, Americana, Colonial, Utility, Decoration, Popular Tradition, DIY, Stencil Painting

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