Stained Glass Tulip Round Stencil

Stained Glass Tulip Round Stencil


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Our Stained Glass Tulip Round Stencil Has Many Uses!

This Original Stained Glass Tulip Round Stencil image measures 8″ x 8″. This beautiful stylized tulip makes a statement, and is ready to be stenciled onto any number of projects and surfaces. Our Stained Glass Stencil Collection is inspired by traditional homes and gorgeous cathedral windows. For inspiration, see our blog post featuring this stencil: Stained Glass Stencils & Project Ideas.

Our Stained Glass Tulip Round Stencil is lovely when paired with:

  • Other Stained Glass Stencils
  • Flower and Leaf Stencils
  • Stylized Border Stencils
  • and other Garden and Nature-Themed Stencils!

This pattern takes on different personalities depending on the colors used. Stencil in a variety of traditional tulip colors such as beautiful purples, yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds! Pictured in a deep pink. We recommend you explore all colors to express your preferences and creativity.

This is a 10-mil Mylar single-overlay stencil.

Best Usages for Stained Glass Tulip Round Stencil

We are always amazed at the imagination and ideas that you provide! Here is some inspiration for how to use this stencil:

Outdoor Uses:

  • Wall Accent
  • Outdoor Art Piece
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Greenhouse Decoration

Indoor Uses:

  • Stencil onto Window Glass for a True Stained Glass Effect! Use Transparent Glass Paint (sun shines through!)
  • Wall Accent
  • Kitchen Decoration
  • Throw Pillow Decoration
  • Tote Bag Decoration
  • Indoor Art Piece

We encourage you to send photos of your creations! And with your permission, we will happily display your creations and design ideas along with your helpful tips! Please use our contact form. 


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