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Greek Key


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This Original Greek Key Stencil image measures 4.6″ x 17″. Each key measures 6” x 4.6”. After stenciling this Greek Key Stencil, paint the stencil bridges for continued shapes. As the name Greek Key indicates, this original pattern was used in ancient Greece as an ornamental border for pottery, architecture and fabric, textile borders and patterns. The essence of this design is an interlocking rectangular pattern that has many uses for home décor, fabric painting and crafting. Our Greek Key stencil was fun to design. Inspiration for this stencil came from a great appreciation of ancient Greek pottery. This is a 10-mil Mylar single-overlay stencil. Use it as an inspirational template to enhance your artful design.

Best Usages for Greek Key Stencil

The regular lines are pleasing to the eye and adding a Greek Key design to stenciled tables, floors and cushion covers adds a classic, traditional touch to craft projects and home décor. This pattern takes on different personalities depending on the colors used. By using a light background of coordinating color to the Greek Key design, the color effect is very pleasing. We recommend you explore many colors to express your unique viewpoint and creativity.

Outdoor Designs for Border Stencils

  • Border for a garden bench in a serene setting
  • Porch Steps (Stencil this Greek Key on wooden porch stairs for a great entry feeling)
  • Lawn Chairs (The pattern works well on either the seat, back of chair, or both!)
  • Front Door ( Stenciling this design as a border or on door panels looks wonderful)

Indoor Designs for Border Stencils

  • Pillows
  • Cushion Covers
  • Chairs (The Greek key pattern works well on either the seat, back of chair, or both!)
  • Table Runners (Makes a beautiful classic table for dinner parties)
  • Wall borders

We encourage you to send photos of your creations! And with your permission, we will happily display your creations and design ideas along with your helpful tips! Please use our contact form! 


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