Flower Circle 1

Flower Circle 1


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Beautifully Detailed Floral Stencil in a Circular Design

This Original Floral Stencil image measures 11″ x 11″. Our Flower Circle 1 stencil is a fun menagerie of garden life; A little unkempt as with wildflowers, yet brimming with character. This flower stencil pattern was great fun to design. It carries a real beauty without losing playfulness and movement. The stencil pattern is loosely designed from Chrysanthemums, the official flower for November, which symbolizes concepts including:

  • Lasting friendship
  • Life and rebirth (especially the joy of the birth of a child)
  • Support from a loved one
  • Loyalty and devotion

This pattern takes on different personalities depending on the colors used. Pictured are beautiful colors of soft purples and green on a white or light yellow background. We particularly enjoy the depth of the design with the varied green leaves – and recommend you explore all colors to express your unique viewpoint and creativity.

The pictures show good color patterning examples of what is possible. This is a 10-mil Mylar single-overlay stencil. Use it as an inspirational template to enhance your artful design.

Best Usages for Circular Floral Stencil

We are always amazed at the imagination and ideas that you provide! As with many of our floral stencils, they have been used in so many ways. Here are a few of our favorites:

Outdoor Designs for Floral Stencils

  • Stepping Stones
  • Flower Pots (especially with bulbs to make these pots happy during the winter months)
  • Lawn Chairs (The floral pattern works well on either the seat, back of chair, or both!)
  • Wooden fence (The circular pattern can be dotted across an expanse of fence line to break up the hard look of the pickets.)

Indoor Designs for Floral Stencils

  • Pillows
  • Chairs (The floral pattern works well on either the seat, back of chair, or both!)
  • Plates(Brings happiness to a table design)
  • Wall accent

We encourage you to send photos of your circular floral stencil creations! And with your permission, we will happily display your creations and design ideas along with your helpful tips! Please use our contact form! 


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