Cherry Blossom Stencil Template

Cherry Blossom Stencil Template


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Our Cherry Blossom Stencil Template displays a lovely flowering branch adorned with blooms. Observed by Samarai of old, the cherry tree and its blossoms were parallel to the life cycle of the nature of human life in general.

This is a single overlay stencil done in multiple colors.

Here’s some important details regarding our Cherry Blossom Stencil Template. Stencil image measures 8″ x 6″ for our Regular size and 14″ x 10.25″ for the Large size.

  • 100% Made in the USA since 2005 by our family-owned laser-engraving business.
  • Uniquely artistic designs that always delight and uplift! We’ve coordinated designs within categories for creative collages and murals.
  • Laser-cut on reusable 10 mil Mylar plastic — safe and durable… perfect for stenciling flat or curved surfaces: walls, clothing, quilt squares, furniture, cakes, or crafts items!
  • Most paints will work well. Apply with stencil brushes, rollers, sprayers, airbrush equipment, sponges, markers…
  • FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING on all USPS domestic 1st Class orders over $75.  (Other shipping options available.)

Cherry Blossom Stencil Template coordinates beautifully with most of our Kanji patterns!

Check out our  Blog Post for some creative Stenciling and Stenciling inspiration.

Kanji are Chinese characters from the Chinese script, used in the writing of Japanese. A major part of the Japanese writing system during the time of Old Japanese and still used, along with the subsequently-derived syllabic scripts of hiragana and katakana.

Japanese Kanji Chinese Hanzi Word Saying Symbol Reusable Sturdy Flexible Template 10 mil Mylar for Painting


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