Butterfly 1 Stencil Template

Butterfly 1 Stencil Template


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Butterfly 1 Stencil Template is as irresistible as it is complex. This single overlay stencil can be colored so many different ways, capturing its eternal beauty and making your walls sparkle with life!

Butterfly 1 Stencil Template is our series of four Butterfly stencils! These four are particularly butterflies with a flair for shape! We can imagine these stenciled on gold paper and framed for a wall grouping. Of course, there are so many places for butterflies to land. We are using this series for toss pillow covers with wonderful results! Buy individually, or as a set.

Butterfly 1 Stencil Template is elegant and it is gorgeous. Repeating this stencil as a pattern on walls provides spectacular results.

Stencil image measures 6.75″ x 5″.

New to The Artful Stencil, our Butterfly 1 Stencil Template is unique, original, and gorgeous!  This stencil will be beautiful on any wall, craft, t-shirt, or tote. It’s also perfect for a butterfly-themed wedding.

Butterfly 1 Stencil Template perfectly with our series of four Butterfly stencils. It would also blend well with any stencil in the Butterfly Stencil Category.

Here’s some important details about our Butterfly 1 Stencil Template:

  • 100% Made in the USA since 2005 by our family-owned laser-engraving business.
  • Uniquely artistic designs that always delight and uplift! We’ve coordinated designs within categories for creative collages and murals.
  • Laser-cut on reusable 10 mil Mylar plastic — safe and durable… perfect for stenciling flat or curved surfaces: walls, clothing, quilt squares, furniture, cakes, or crafts items!
  • Most paints will work well. Apply with stencil brushes, rollers, sprayers, airbrush equipment, sponges, markers…
  • FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING on all USPS domestic 1st Class orders over $75.  (Other shipping options available.)
  • These are beautiful wall stencils to paint.

Butterfly 1 Stencil Template coordinates beautifully with most of our butterfly patterns!

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