Acanthus Leaf 1 Stencil Template

Acanthus Leaf 1 Stencil Template


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Acanthus Leaf 1 Stencil Template has just the right flair for our European collection, and works well with  Acanthus Leaf 2 and Acanthus Leaf Scroll.

Stencil image measures 7.0″ x 4.4″.

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Acanthus Leaf 1 Stencil Template Design History

In Ancient Greek architecture the Acanthus adorns friezes, dentils, and other areas and can be found extensively in the capital cities. The Acanthus ornaments appear in both Greece and Rome, the oldest known example of a Corinthian column is in the temple of Apollo c. 45–420 BC.

What is the Meaning behind Acanthus Leaf?

The Acanthus leaves symbolize enduring life or long life and immortality.

Usages for the Acanthus Leaf Stencil

As the Acanthus Leaf has such rich history, it can be used in many ways to enrich both indoor and outdoor spaces. The Acanthus Leaf stencil can be used as an accent, border, or used as a textural element.

How to use Acanthus Leaf 1 Stencil Template as an accent

  • Placed on a chair back or seat
  • Edged along the ridge of chair
  • Accent pillows
  • Light switch
  • Near wall or ceiling sconce

How to use Acanthus Leaf Stencil as a border

  • Ceiling at walls edge or around lighting
  • Full window or window ledge
  • Column or post
  • Armoire or dresser

How to use Acanthus Leaf Stencil as a textural element

  • Curtains
  • Wall stencil
  • Wood floor (make sure to seal)
  • Potted plants (pot or basket)
  • Table (full cover or center the design)

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