Personalized Halloween Trick or
Treat Bags 2 Stencils = Countless Bags!



For stenciling:

For setting the paint:

  • Iron for setting/curing
  • Piece of cardboard to place inside tote

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Get Many Different Looks and Custom Names on Each Bag, Using Only 2 Stencils!

The beginning of fall is still a month away, but if you spend any time on social media you would think that Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween excitement is definitely building!

After receiving a catalog in the mail featuring personalized Halloween treat bags, we knew we could get the same look for a fraction of the price. So today, we decided to jump on the holiday bandwagon with our Personalized Halloween Treat Bags. We also challenged ourselves to use one motif stencil on two Halloween treat tote bags, to show how you can get “tote-ally” different results.

A motif stencil will give you several different looks because you have several designs to choose from, and can be used in many different projects because the designs are small. Our motif stencils have great value! We are featuring our Halloween Motif 1 Stencil today. We also have a Halloween Motif 2 Stencil (two ghosts, a witch, and a spider) up on our website, and many more Halloween stencils in our Halloween Stencil Category!

Our Monogram Alphabet Stencil was used to add names to our cute little Halloween treat bags. This makes each kid feel special, and ensures their candy stashes don’t get mixed up. It only takes one stencil to create countless names.

If you would like to get a head start on a particularly fun Halloween-themed project, give today’s idea a try! Today’s project photos show off our Monogram Alphabet Stencil and our Halloween Motif 1 Stencil.

An additional alphabet stencil can be found here, and be sure to check out our Halloween Stencils Category. Our culinary stencils can be used for crafts like these, so be sure to search our culinary collection to find over 20 large and small Halloween Designs!


Project Instructions

  1. Secure your stencil to your bag using painter’s tape.
  2. Stencil using an up and down “pouncing” motion and a small amount of paint. Use light brush strokes to fill in the pumpkins.
  3. Create custom scenes by taping off portions of the image you would like to alter. We did this with the black cat, the stars, and the pumpkin. See our project photos for additional explanation.
  4. Allow space for stenciling a custom message or name, using our Monogram Alphabet Stencil. Plan placement in advance to ensure a nice fit.
  5. Allow the paint to dry 24 hours before setting/curing with an iron.

How to Heat Set Acrylic Paint for Permanency/Washability:

  1. This setting step adheres the paint more fully to the fabric. After the paint has dried for 24 hours, slide a piece of cardboard into the tote bag. This keeps the painted layer of fabric from adhering to the second layer of fabric during setting.
  2. Place an iron on a very low setting (a “cool” iron) directly over the painted images for several moments, keeping the iron moving to avoid burning an area. You may place a scrap of fabric in between your iron and the painted fabric and use a medium temperature setting, if you wish.

Stenciling Tip: Stencils are easier to use when they’re clean! If you’re using the same stencil multiple times, you can clean smaller openings with a toothpick. After you’re done, soak your stencil in warm soapy water for easier removal of dried-on paint.

Happy Stenciling!

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