How to Redecorate a Nightstand
Video + Instructions


For repainting:

  • Cleaning spray
  • Screwdriver to remove hardware
  • Sandpaper to even out surface
  • Base coat (we used Clark + Kensington’s “Paint + Primer in One: Ultra White”) 
  • Painting brush

For stenciling:

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Today’s topic is a lot of fun!

We all have furniture that has seen better days. We become blind to the chipped or peeling paint, grime, and outdated hardware. To keep or not to keep? Refurbish or throw away? We are of the mindset that if it’s an heirloom, has good bones, or it’s still a favorite, some simple cosmetic upgrades will give it a brand new life!

This pretty little nightstand was in need of some TLC, so we decided to make a project out of it to demonstrate the versatility of our stencils and the joy that can come from making something beautiful again. Whether you have an heirloom piece or just a favorite piece in need of a special touch, we hope you will gain inspiration from our project!

Today’s featured video shows you our stencils in action, and was made with love by The Artful Stencil Team using our Lace 2 Stencil.


Tips from the Video

  1. Clean your furniture piece, and sand any rough areas.
  2. Remove hardware.
  3. Paint the entire piece, as many coats as needed, drying in between coats.
  4. Allow base coats to dry before stenciling.
  5. Use painter’s tape to secure stencil in place, and repeat stencil as many times as desired.
  6. Reattach the hardware, and enjoy your finished result!

Please note: Stencils are easier to use when they’re clean! If repeating the stencil on your furniture piece, clean smaller openings with a toothpick. After you’re done, soak your stencil in warm soapy water for easy removal of dried-on paint.

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